Vehicle Gateway

Multi-function Gateway

ITxPT Sequoia Labeled

Our family of HUB products consists of the following modules:

  • WAN-modem options: 2G/3G/4G/5G
  • LAN-Wi-Fi and 1G ethernet
  • Switch: managed with 4 ports 1G speed
  • Wi-Fi: to support Wi-Fi based equipment on board and/or passenger Wi-Fi
  • GNNS: navigation system supporting Worldwide standards optimized for active antenna
  • Support odometer wheel ticks and sensors for navigation with high precision in tunnels and between high buildings
  • Time service: real time provided also in offline state
  • format converter: conversion of Canbus, RS232, RS485 to IP making legacy interfaces usably in ITxPT infrastructure
  • Power modes: supports all ITxPT power modes

Vehicle Hub Grand / Giant

ITxPT Sequoia Certificate

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