Who are we?

4PT is a Nordic company, situated in Denmark - focusing on  Software and hardware for public transportation. The products focus area are Smart City concepts and green transportation solutions such as electric and hybrid busses, as the products are made to match the green transport policy in time.


The employees and partners of 4PT are all experienced and well skilled people from the electronic industry and from the public transport software and hardware. They are able to work with complicated challenges in a very competent way, and we can, apart from the technology solutions, manage an effective supply chain which brings our customers fast track to market, low costs and effective logistics.


Working closely together with our highly certified sourcing partner, who is in the  electronic component industry, developing and producing design-in solutions, we work in a new agile and focused set up, as the transport market is changing fast these years due to new green focus on climate change – also in the transport industry - and therefor brings a lot of new and exciting opportunities for hardware as well as software dedicated to transport. Most customers want one supplier of both hardware and software, as the implementation then gets more accurate and uncomplicated, and they only need to connect with one supplier. It is exactly what 4PT offers: software and hardware for public transport.